• Start: Saturday 22 September - 10:30

Are you considering building work to your home? Would you like to talk through some ideas with an architect?  The RIBA SE region have invited up to 15 small to mid size/commercial local practices with experience in key areas such as Conservation Projects, Green Projects, New/Self Build and Small Domestic Projects, to talk through your ideas for your home and show you examples of their completed building projects

You should come away from the Design Day with a good idea of what you could do for the budget that you have in mind, plus contact details of architects and information about how they could work for you.

Who does the Farnham Design Day aim to attract?

People who are seriously thinking about their building needs and desires are likely to be particularly interested in the Design Day. And if you’ve ever looked at your home and thought ‘I wonder how difficult/expensive/possible it would be to …’, the Design Day is an ideal opportunity to chat through your ideas with architects.

You’ll get the most out of the Design Day if you’re eager to explore options  – through talking to the architects about your home and through looking at their completed work with an eye for ideas for your own project.

Can you explain what the RIBA is and why it is important to be involved?

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) champions better buildings, communities and the environment through architecture and its members. The RIBA is the membership organisation for architects, which provides standards, training and support for members.