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  • Start: Friday 26 April - 20:00
  • Auditorium: Cellar Bar

58 Fordwych Road is an all new show that centres around a living room in a small flat in Kilburn, London, in the mid-1960s. Then the abode of up-and-coming singer-songwriter Roy Harper and his wife Mocy, the flat was an afterhours hang-out for the legends who played at Les Cousins in Soho at the height of the acoustic explosion in swingin’ sixties London.

All while people like Paul Simon, Marc Bolan and Sandy Denny were dropping in to jam, a young toddler, Roy’s son, was absorbing the sound and the vibe that would have a huge influence on his life and later career.

So began the musical journey of Nick Harper, who has been dazzling audiences and critics alike over the past two decades with his virtuosity, showmanship and boyish charm. A vibrant imagination and prolific song-writing has seen him amass a rich back catalogue of 11 albums (as well as a number one chart hit), while all his years on the road has perfected his craft, enabling him to create live experiences that are intimate and personal to be a part of, and spellbinding to behold.  

Early 2018 saw Nick return to the live circuit with a newly formed solo set featuring re-imaginations of songs chosen by Nick’s fan base. The ‘100 Things’ tour proved to be a hugely successful return to the stage with all but a handful of shows selling out.

This year has also seen him perform his first spoken word piece, A Wiltshire Tale, at some of UK’s most prestigious venues.

The 58 Fordwych Road show runs over two halves. The first will see Nick delve into that great era of songs he heard direct from the greats when growing up. Then in the second Nick will trace the journey of how these luminary figures’ music evolved and helped shape popular music beyond the sixties and revisit the eternal themes that run from then to now in songs of his own fine repertoire.

Running Time: approx 120 + interval

Age Rating: N/A


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