• Start: Friday 25 November - 20:30
  • Estimated End: Friday 25 November - 21:45
  • Rating: 16+
  • Auditorium: Cellar Bar

Admission: £5; Pre-show pasta & ticket £13

Mack Hofberg knows neither how to sing, nor to play guitar. Yet does both beautifully. Completely throwing out the rule book on the standard Acoustic Singer/Songwriter, Mack’s music combines folk and pop, whilst his lyrics convey poetry beyond the depth of most ordinary 19 year olds.

Mack was born in New York City, and after only two years he moved to England where we learnt his love for music. Born to a Music Lawyer and a Writer he was destined for a career as a musician. His American heritage is deeply rooted in his writing having grown up listening to his mother’s favourites, the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel (who was Mack’s favourite before he could speak, let alone sing). However like most writers his father was keen to leave his creative stamp, playing him English classics like The Clash, Sex Pistols, Rolling Stones and The Beatles, whom Mack considers, somewhat un-controversially to be the best band of all time.

Growing up Mack admired his older sister, who before him, took up singing and guitar, though retired just as quickly. But her passion as a listener rubbed off on Mack, and ultimately her love of music and her job A&Ring acoustic music would lead Mack to perform the music he does today. He now has his little brother studying audio engineering to do live music on the road.
Performing across the south, and soon the whole country, Mack plays pop sympathetic acoustic music, inspired by artists spanning from The Decemberists to Bright Eyes to Catfish & the Bottlemen. Though would like to think his music, while familiar in mood, is original in itself.

If you can’t afford Ben Howard, this will do nicely – Paul Simms (Mo Films, Head of Music)

To make it in this business you have to be hungry, Mack is voracious – Tony Moore (Cutting Crew/Iron Maiden/Musical Director at The Bedford)

I’d happily give’em a tour – Paul ‘Pablo’ Ettinger (Caffe Nero, Development Director)

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