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  • Start: Saturday 13 October - 10:00
  • Auditorium: Long Kiln

Meditation and mindfulness event with Buddhist nun, Gen Nyingpo.

On this course we will learn all about mindfulness; what mindfulness is and how to use it both in meditation and during daily life. By training ourselves to think positively and maintain an authentic mental peace we will discover our potential for lasting happiness and joy.

Seating at the event is on chairs and no prior experience of meditation is needed.

Meditation can have many benefits including:

•          Improved concentration and focus in daily life

•          Less stress, worry & anxiety

•          Reduced irritation, anger & frustration

•          Greater inner peace & happiness

•          Increased confidence & self-esteem

•          Improved mental and physical well being

•          A positive outlook on life & better relationships

Running time: 150 minutes