Mandala Wood Art

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A mandala design on wood
workshop description:

Creating your own Mandala onto plywood is a wonderfully mindful activity. Ruth Wheeler will guide you by demonstrating different techniques to draw or trace your mandala onto wood. This is then burnt into the plywood using a pyrography pen. You can then embellish it with gold and paints or leave it natural.

A mandala is any form of a circular geometric design that contains symbols of a person's inner self, guiding principles, and overall ideas about the world. The objects can be abstract designs or specific drawings of people, places, and ideas that are central to a person's life.

This workshop is very flexible. if you don't wish to create a Mandala, you are very welcome to bring your own designs that are not confined to the theme. Ruth will be able to guide you to create your own unique piece of work.

All materials are included.