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  • Start: Saturday 12 October - 10:00
  • Auditorium: Long Kiln

This is a hired event.


Discover the benefits of meditation and how to begin an effective meditation practice, including posture, creating a suitable space and making time to meditate amidst busy life.

Learn simple methods to still the busyness of the mind and find an inner clarity that gives you the space to find peace and serves as a preparation for more practical meditations.

Train in mindfulness according to authentic Buddhist sources and use this part of the mind to its greatest effect.

Understand the various distractions that arise in meditation and learn methods to overcome them.


Buddhist nun Gen Nyingpo will teach this event. Gen Nyingpo has 25 years experience in teaching meditation and is able to present the instructions with clarity and humour.


Seating at the event is on chairs and no prior experience of meditation is needed. The workshop consists of 2 sessions. Each session will have 2 guided meditations and practical advice.