• Start: Saturday 16 June - 10:45

This is a hired event


They say ‘Laughter is the best medicine’.  Research supports this old adage suggesting laughter is good for physical, psychological and emotional health.

Based on the unique principles of laughter yoga, this workshop combines aerobic exercise with techniques to stimulate laughter – for the purpose of fun, health and wellbeing.

Laughter can increase the ‘happy hormones’, lighten mood, lower stress, develop confidence, decrease anxiety, aid relaxation, strengthen the immune system, build resilience and enrich relationships – all this and it’s fun!  What’s not to love!

Our bodies don’t know the difference between genuine and simulated/fake laughter – so you don’t need to find anything funny to gain the health benefits.  Children laugh for no reason and adults can too!

Annei, the Laughter leader will playfully guide participants through a series of fun exercises.  There’s no joke-telling and no stand-up comedy routines.  It involves participating, putting your judgements aside and being willing to laugh for no reason other than the sheer hilarity and silliness of it all!  It’s also a great way to share a laugh with others and meet new people.

To book your place and for more information please contact Annei by visiting her Facebook page ‘Laughter Direct’ or email laughterdirect@gmail.com or tel: 01252 718314.