Improv Comedy Jam

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This event follows the 'pay what you can' model. Choose your ticket price from a number of options.

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This pay what you can event is for anyone with an interest in improv comedy (the art of making things up on the spot).

Part skill-raiser, part social, part show - we'll play games, have a laugh and then perform for each other. Intended for any level from absolute beginners to veteran improvisers looking to sharpen their skills.

Led by internationally-renowned improv comedy teacher, Chris Mead.

pay what you can

We appreciate that the cost of ticket prices can be a barrier, so this event follows the 'pay what you can' model, which means that you choose what you pay for your entry. Whether it's £0, £3, £5, £7, £10, or £15, what you pay is entirely up to you.