Hip-Hop Moves: 13-17 yrs

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Join ZooNation's professional dancers for a fun-filled class looking at dance styles that originated from, and have been influenced by, Hip Hop Culture. Including: House, Groove, Breaking and the Funk Styles of Popping and Locking.

The class is aimed at beginner to improver level participants who want to develop their dance skills and meet new people in a relaxed environment, training with artists from ZooNation’s hit shows.

No experience of the styles taught necessary!

about zoonation

ZooNation was founded by Kate Prince in 2002 and is best known for its work in the theatre, creating full length narrative dance productions strongly influenced by hip hop culture and music. They fortify this work with an extensive programme of engagement and talent development, working with different communities and young artists to increase their skills, knowledge and confidence in their styles of dance theatre. Find out more on their website.