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Pre-order a delicious meal to enjoy before the show for £12.50.

Please let us know of any special dietary requirements in advance.

Choose from a Luxury Fish Pie with salmon, prawn & dill or Mushroom, Lentil, and Potato Hotpot (v, vg). Both dishes served with a medley of vegetables.

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A purple space themed logo with Text reading: USS Pinafore

“It’s live theatre, Captain, but not as we know it …”

FAOS Musical Theatre Group will pipe you aboard the U.S.S. Pinafore to boldly go where Farnham audiences have never gone before… to outer space. Captain Corcoran’s ship has been fitted with photon torpedoes and his crew have their phasers set to stun. The ship will seek out new life and new civilisations, equipped with all Sullivan’s music and most of Gilbert’s words, but in a brand-new version that is guaranteed to beam you up, far from earth.

Fresh from its near sell-out runs of Sister Act and Titanic, FAOS returns to the Maltings with its reputation for fabulous singing and inspired staging.

Gilbert and Sullivan’s Pinafore is a hilarious tale of love, honour and duty. Packed with absurd characters, unforeseen plot twists and a delightfully farcical finale, Pinafore is a satirical take on the British class system and the promotion of unqualified people to positions of power.

When Josephine, the daughter of Captain Corcoran, falls for the lowly crewman Ralph Rackstraw, she’s torn between her heart’s true love, and her desire to honour her father’s wish for her to marry Sir Joseph Porter, the First Lord of Starfleet.

Director: Heather Legat

Musical Director: Diana Vivian

This is the directorial team who piloted the highly successful FAOS productions of The Pirates of Penzance and Titanic the Musical.

0 Stars

“Wow. Simply wow. Is there an amateur dramatics group anywhere that can produce shows like the FAOS Musical Theatre Group?”

Farnham Herald (Sister Act, January 2020)

0 Stars

"Titanic – a triumph. It’s a powerhouse of a production.”

Farnham Herald (Titanic the Musical, June 2019)

Thursday is Benefit Night for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice

FAOS always designates its Thursday performance as a fundraiser. £4 from each ticket sold will be donated to the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, which is the only Hospice Care service for adult patients and their families living with cancer or another terminal illness across the whole of West Surrey and part of North East Hampshire. If you attend the Thursday performance you will be supporting a very important cause.

FAOS has been a part of Farnham life since 1928 and now presents a range of all musical theatre, old and new, and always to the accompaniment of a live professional orchestra.