Endless Journey - Japanese Art Exhibition

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Step into the Barley Room at Farnham Maltings and experience the timeless beauty of Japanese Art with the Endless Journey exhibition. Discover a curated collection of calligraphy and sumi painting artworks created by Koshu and her students, as well as demonstrations led by Koshu (demonstrations will take place each day from 2pm-2.30pm).

From students who have been practising for 14 years to those who have just begun their journey, this exhibition showcases the artworks of 60 students from all over the world who share a passion for Japanese art.

more about the artist

Koshu is a Japanese sumi painting and calligraphy master. She began her journey as a calligrapher at the age of eight under the tutelage of Master Seizan Fujimoto.

Building on her training in traditional calligraphy and sumi painting, Koshu has developed a unique and contemporary artistic style that reveres the spiritual essence of the art form. Her work is a soulful and poetic expression of her life’s journey, often inspired by the beauty and wisdom of nature.

Her artworks were also used by the Rugby World Cup Awards in Tokyo in 2019, and by Team GB for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Internationally well-known, her online sumi painting courses with Domestika have reached audiences worldwide and this summer, she will be publishing her sumi painting book through Bloomsbury. To connect people from all over the world through the beauty of Japanese art and culture, she will be hosting residential courses in Japan from October 2024 focusing on calligraphy and sumi painting. Learn more about Koshu and her work on her website.