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  • Start: Thursday 07 February - 20:00
  • Auditorium: Great Hall

This is a show about not baby-sitting your own kids.

DadMan is a warrior. He stands strong at the gates of an ideal Birth-Plan and sings the blues about Being The Only Man At A Parent And Baby Group. He courageously navigates the precipices of School Runs. DadMan enters the contest for the title of The Breadwinner armed with wooden swords and Lego.

This show, for adults, is a challenge: partly quiz, partly story intertwined with live music and original songs, partly total fantasy where DadMan dives in and out of the bathtub, running into Trust, Breasts, Flexi–Hours, Soft Play Areas and Sex (not necessarily in that order, or at the same time!)

Finally, DadMan realises there is actually another, much bigger mountain to climb.

Age Guidance: 16+ years due to adult content (Guidance of 0 to 18 months for babies in the baby-friendly performance)

Running time: 60 minutes. No interval.

Special Information: Baby-friendly matinee is an opportunity to come along to the show without having to worry about baby-sitting.  Babies are welcome and it will be a relaxed environment.


Spiced shepherd's pie with sweet potato mash


Vegan shepherd's pie with chick pea & quinoa topped sweet potato (v)