Chaos Choir welcomes enthusiastic singers with their babies and toddlers in tow.

What is Chaos Choir?Chaos Choir set up

It’s a child-friendly singing group for new parents with babies and toddlers in which kids can play in the same room while their parents sing.  Musically, it’s absolutely aimed at parents and led by an enthusiastic professional choir leader, yet the sessions are relaxed and informal, so participants can take time out to deal with a tantrum or a nappy change.

This group is a chance to be part of social singing without childcare logistics getting in the way.  Not only is it more fun to sing together than alone, but Swedish research has suggested that singing in a group increases oxygen levels in the blood and triggers the release of “happy” hormones such as oxytocin – thought to help lower stress levels and blood pressure: it makes us feel better and it’s good for our hearts.

Chaos Choir SquareAlso, while children don’t actively take part, they benefit from the joy of live music.

Some comments from participants:

“It’s great to do something for myself!  It’s relaxed and no one minds if my babies cry, need feeding or their nappies changing!  Such a lovely idea.”

“I had a great time, thanks so much!  Good for the soul!”

“I LOVED IT! Would love to go every week!”

“Really enjoyable to have a group for parents where it doesn’t matter what the kiddies are doing!”

“Really great to spend time singing but not having to find childcare.  Ciara is really great at finding lovely rounds and teaching them.  Will certainly come back please!”

Ciara Burrows, herself a mumCiara and baby of two young boys, is a professional choir leader who has worked with Mary King and Voicelab and currently teaches at the Royal Academy of Music.  She’s also great fun and wants to bring a-capella folk, world music and uplifting pop into our lives, in one great big organic bid to get us singing happily together!


Tuesdays 10.30am – 11.30am in the Tannery

N.B. We run two programmes supporting carers – this one for parents with very young children and another specifically tailored towards those caring for people with dementia, Take Care.