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UK-Egypt creative partnership grants 2023

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Farnham Maltings and Orient Productions are pleased to announce that four creative partnership grants have been awarded to enable Egypt and UK performing artists and companies to develop new performance works together and imaginatively test new ways of collaborating without meeting in person as part of the New Conversations programme supported British Council, Arts Council England and Fonds de Soutien aux Arts Arabes (FSAA).

The selected New Conversations, UK-Egypt creative partnerships are:

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"Farnham Maltings are delighted to be working with Orient Productions and British Council, Egypt on New Conversations. Not only will we be able to support Egyptian and UK artists to develop innovative new cross-cultural work, but we will be piloting new models for artistic collaboration and knowledge sharing by working remotely. This chimes with our commitment to explore sustainable possibilities across the international work we support."

Peter Glanville, CEO Farnham Maltings

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“Our main aim is to give a greater opportunity for Egyptian and UK artists to tour internationally, generate income, and improve the recognition and visibility of their creative work beyond regional borders, thereby supporting the development of a sustainable professional contemporary arts sector in our regions. We at Orient Productions (EG) are very excited to partner with Farnham Maltings (UK) in this project that combats the challenges of international mobility, as well as supports the development of sustainable practice, skills, confidence, and innovation for creating work for online and live audiences.”

Ahmed El Attar, Director, Orient Productions

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"We’re delighted to be able to support a second edition of New Conversations Egypt, the collaboration between Farnham Maltings and Orient Productions, and build on the successes and lessons learned of the first round. We know that these four UK-Egyptian artistic partnerships will produce exciting and innovative work and are looking forward to seeing the works develop and find their audiences over the next few months.”

Cathy Costain, Head of Arts, British Council Egypt