sweater weather talks + socials

enjoy talks from craft experts and yarn-y social events

Our sweater weather celebration is an intimate community craft experience with all kinds of creativity to inspire makers. In addition to our curated marketplace and workshops we also have talks with craft experts, a social making space where you can sit and work on your project and meet other like-minded makers, and social events!


Talks with our craft experts take place in the cellar bar and will be live streamed and recorded for our online visitors. Our Sweater Weather talks series is generously sponsored by LoveCrafts.

Close ups of knitting showing different stitch patterns

Confidence to Explore Creativity and Design with Alison Ellen - Fri 10 September, 10am
Alison Ellen is a local knitwear designer based in Farnham whose creations explore knitting and how different stitches can shape fabric and create knitted garments without seams.

In this talk Alison gives you permission to explore your own creativity and demonstrates how different stitches, fibre and colour can turn out amazing, personal and one of a kind designs.

A woman of colour models a crocheted jumper in two colours with vertical stripes and a fan stitch motif

Crocheting a Community: Launching new crochet magazine moorit with Alyson Chu - Fri 10 September, 1pm
Alyson Chu is a crochet professional on a mission to elevate crochet. She is the crochet half of the Keep Calm and Yarn podcast alongside her knitting mom Vivian. Alyson is also the Web Development Director and founding team member of BIPOC in Fiber, a project promoting Black, Indigenous and People of Colour working in the fibre industry. Her latest endeavor, Moorit, is a new print magazine for crocheters.

An avid crocheter, Alyson was disappointed with the lack of crochet to be found in yarn shops and at yarn events, not to mention a lack of beautiful high-end crochet publications. So she decided to create her own! Featuring wearable, modern garments and accessories made in natural fibres, beautifully shot photography in Scotland, interesting articles, and luxuriously thick paper, Moorit is a craft magazine with true indie spirit.

Issue No. 1 launches at the end of September, and in this talk Alyson will share the journey from concept to publication. Learn more about the Kickstarter campaign, patterns and designers, as well as plans for the future of Moorit.

Pop star Harry Styles plays his guitar while wearing a colourful patchwork cardigan

Confessions of a Yarnaholic: Interview with knitwear designer Ruth Herring - Sat 11 September, 10am
Knitting and crochet exploded during the pandemic as many people taught themselves using YouTube or social media over lockdown. One reason for the explosion was a vibrant patchwork cardigan worn by singer Harry Styles. The cardigan became a sensation on TikTok as hundreds of fans started trying to recreate the garment on their own before fashion house JW Anderson released the pattern for free on their website.

Designer Ruth Herring wrote up the pattern based on Harry's original cardi for client JW Anderson. Ruth is a knitwear and crochet designer, pattern maker, lecturer and author. Clients include JW Anderson, Katie-Ann Mcguigan, Westminster Fashion, CSM, film and TV. Ruth’s ability to blend fashion design with traditional crafts like knit, crochet, embroidery and macramé stems from her enormous technical knowledge in these areas.

In this interview Ruth will share what it's like to work as a professional knitwear designer in the fashion industry, where she finds inspiration and what her process is like. This interview will be pre-recorded.

Flat lay of a pink sweater on white painted boards with tulip petals and white buttons

Beginner's Guide to Modifying Your Knits with Julie Crawford - Sat 11 September, 1pm
Julie Crawford of Knitted Bliss joins us from Toronto, Canada for this inspirational presentation on getting started with modifying knits.

social events

Purls & Prosecco - Fri 10 September, 4-6pm
Join us on the front lawn of the Maltings under the tent for some fizz and chance to relax with friends new and old as the first day of the festival comes to a close. Flash your stash and show off your latest project.

Wild & Woolly logo

KQT: Knitters' Question Time - Sat 11 September, 12pm
In an homage to Radio 4's Gardeners' Question Time the good folks from Wild & Woolly and Knit 15 present KQT: Knitters' Question Time.

Come prepared with your knitting and yarn-related questions for our panel of experts to help. This fun, social session is generously supported by Wild & Woolly and Knit 15. You can also email your questions in advance to kqt@wildandwoollyshop.co.uk.

Meet the experts:

Brontë Swannick
Brontë is a hand knitting designer, avid sewist and scrap book maker and has many years experience working in wool shops. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of knitting patterns and about the going-ons of the knit design world.

Helen Reed
Helen is the founder and hand-dyer behind ‘The Wool Kitchen”, She dyes her technicolour skeins from her garden studio shed in East London. Her aim is to create yarn that is full of excitement about what’s coming next when knitting with it.

Sylvia Watts-Cherry
Sylvia designs under the brand ‘With Cherries on Top’. Her ‘Nubian Queen’ Pullover is a dazzling example of both her mastery of intarsia and bold use of colour. She is inspired by African textiles and carvings of her Nigerian heritage as well as cables from her Scottish upbringing.

Wendy Peterson
Wendy is the brain behind Yarnsub, an invaluable online resource for yarn substitutions. Her other passions are solving knitters conundrums such as why left leaning decreases never look as nice as their right leaning counterparts and playing with techniques such as shaped intarsia.

Note: KQT will happen live at the Maltings and be streamed online while also be recorded for on-demand viewing until the end of the festival.