sweater weather


our brand new Autumn yarn event, welcoming makers and creatives of all abilities.

The arrival of autumn is something special for yarn lovers. Like going back to school it heralds a new season of making filled with creative and exciting possibilities. The crunching of leaves underfoot and the slightest of chills in the air first thing in the morning has us reaching for the
woollies that have been packed away all summer.
For many makers, this is a time to cast on a new jumper or to start looking at patterns, put together countless combinations of yarns, colours and textures and think about new techniques to learn.
Our new sweater weather celebration promises to create an intimate community craft experience, both for those who have just discovered the joy of knitting and for avid yarn enthusiasts.

This year's fair will take place on Friday 10 & Saturday 11 September 2021. Exhibitor applications are now open.

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If you are have any questions regarding sweater weather, contact Allison.

  • Allison Thistlewood
    Events Coordinator (craft)