creatives' network day talks & workshops


take part in a professional development workshop or hear from the experts in our talk series

the day has been programmed so that you can attend all sessions, to get the most out of this really useful day at whatever stage you are at in your creative career

10.15am-11.15am Workshop: Art & business coaching for creatives

This workshop is an introduction to what Art coaching is and how it will benefit your business and creative practice. Participants will explore the principles of Art coaching, including how to identity areas to work on and how to find an Art coach. Anna MacDonald will share frameworks, systems and resources in this practical session.

11.30am-12pm Talk: Working with galleries

Caroline Jackman presents an insight in how to work and build relationships with galleries

12.15pm-1.15pm Workshop: branding strategy

So, what exactly is a brand? It's just a fancy word for a logo, right? What about branding, then? And where does brand strategy fit into all of this? During this session with Eleen Craig we'll look at all things brand and brand related – and why having a solid strategy gives you the upper hand in an ever-changing market.

1.30pm-2.30pm Workshop: Design your vision for your craft business

Caroline Jackman will take you through the steps to design your future vision for your craft business and set achievable goals to help you realise your ambitions.

2.30pm-3.15pm Workshop: Product photography

In this workshop Azu Morales will take you through the basics of product photography, from what your clients would like to see of your products, planning the aesthetic and organising your photoshoot to the best angles and lighting for your photos. Basically learning the process of product photography from beginning to end.

3.15pm-4.15pm panel talk

with Nerrisa Pratt (Untld Project), David Crump (Cockpit Arts), Dom Frazer (New House), Helen Lewis (Farnham Craft Town) and Denise Jaques (Farnham Creatives' Network), followed by a Q&A session