Clare Stiles graduated in Three dimensional design in metals from the Surrey Institute of Art and Design (now UCCA) in 1997. During her degree Clare started to combine studies in blacksmithing with her explorations of using colour in design to develop a unique fusion, forged aluminium jewellery, anodised and dyed to create a flamboyant mix of colour and form.

Inspiration was drawn from tropical fish, birds and plant forms. Forever in awe of a nature that creates such beauty Clare decided to acknowledge this through her work, resulting in extravagant final pieces of a very theatrical nature. Since leaving college her work has evolved into more simplistic, wearable pieces, designed to be of minimal form so as not to detract from the strong emphasis on the use of colour.

Working in her studios in the Farnham Maltings Clare’s studies continue, constantly aware of exploring new colour combinations and designs. Recent work using silkscreen and digital print is also looking at two dimensional images that were the original home of the colour source now seen in a different context. Inspiration is now drawn upon form a much wider, vast source, interior design, vintage textiles, graphics, even every day objects, but all having one thing in common; beautiful colour.

Clare has been teaching jewellery classes at the Maltings for the last 16 years.

Image 1: Clare Stiles
Image 2: work by jewellery class student Liesel Harlen