Equal opportunities and Dignity at Work

Farnham Maltings is committed to equal opportunities.

 You can download our equal opportunities policy statement and policy statement on dignity at work here.

It is the responsibility of every employee, working on or off site, to ensure his or her own conduct conforms to the expected standards and reflects these policy statements.

The aim of the policy is to encourage harmony and respect amongst individuals so as to promote good working practices with a view to maximising the performance and the return to Farnham Maltings and the employees.


Whistleblowing Procedure

Farnham Maltings encourages a culture of honesty and dedication to the organisation’s visions and values.

If you become aware of any criminal offence or other wrongdoing in the workplace, you should report it immediately.  You can download our Whistleblowing Procedure here.

In accordance with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998, the Farnham Maltings has instituted a system for reporting information which in your reasonable belief points to a wrongdoing at work.