Farnham and Villages Coronavirus Helpline

call 01252 745446 or email help@farnhammaltings.com

Do you need help?

If you need help during the Coronavirus/COVID-19 emergency and have no access to family, friends or neighbours, call the Farnham Co-ordination Centre on the number above. Lines are open Monday–Friday, 9am–6pm. There is a recorded message for assistance outside of these hours. This helpline has been set up to ensure that anyone who needs support can easily access it from someone in their neighbourhood. Alternatively you can send an email to: help@farnhammaltings.com

Can you offer help?

Volunteers: If you would like to volunteer or offer a particular skill, please send an email to: volunteers@farnhammaltings.com You will receive an auto-response with a link to an online form.

Organisers: If you are a local organiser in your neighbourhood or any other community network, we would like to add you to our database. This will help us to respond to requests for help. Email: organisers@farnhammaltings.com You will receive an auto-response with a link to an online form.

Please keep a look out for your neighbours and build small neighbourhood groups where they don’t already exist.

Many local organisations are working together to help keep you safe and build a stronger community.

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